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- Sat 23rd Feb 2013

Beach Management gets underway at Eastoke, Hayling Island
Work to move beach shingle on the southern frontage of Eastoke, Hayling Island started on Tuesday 19 February and will last for approximately 3 weeks.

The work being carried out is a combination of ‘Beach recycling’ and ‘Beach nourishment’ which is part of a Beach Management Plan to reduce flood and erosion risk for the residents in the area.
Beach Recycling is the moving of beach shingle from areas where it’s built-up, through natural movement, to depleted areas along the Eastoke frontage.

Beach Nourishment is replacing the shingle that has been naturally lost, with imported beach material. Around 3500m3 (roughly the volume of 1½ olympic swimming pools) of newly imported shingle will be stored at Eastoke Corner car park before being deposited on the beach.

The work will involve heavy machinery working to the East and the West of Eastoke to move the beach material and restore the beach to the recommended 1 in 200 year storm event standard of protection.
The shingle beach along the southern frontage of the Eastoke peninsula is the first line of defence against the threat of coastal flooding and erosion.

The cost of the scheme is £161k, which is funded by a Flood Defence Grant from the Environment Agency. The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership has also successfully secured £1.3million from the Environment Agency to carry out the 5 year Beach Management Plan along the rest of the Hayling Island frontage.

Les Searle Plant Hire & Sales Ltd has been contracted by the Council to undertake the works. The haul route for the plant will be clearly marked with cones and warning signs at access points to the promenade to inform beach users of the heavy machines working on the beach.

Local residents directly affected by the works have been contacted with details of the implementation programme. Further information can be found on local information boards.

The beach will remain open to the public with Havant Borough Council staff onsite to manage public safety. If you have any questions about the operation please contact the Coastal Defence Team on 023 9247 4174..

For more information about the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership please visit


Notes to editor
Service contact: Mark Stratton, Coastal Engineer, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership -
02392 446009
Media contact: Kevin Davis, Communications Officer, Havant Borough Council -
01730 234081

Background Information

ESCP – (Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership) is a partnership between Havant Borough Council, Portsmouth City Council, Gosport Borough Council and Fareham Borough Council. The partnership has combined coastal engineers from each authority into one team to manage the 162km of coastline across the Solent.

The aim of the Coastal Defence Partnership is to reduce the risks of coastal flooding and erosion to people, and the developed and natural environments. To encourage the provision of technically, economically and environmentally sound defence measures to protect more than 40,000 properties within the area over the next 100 years.

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