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- Thu 28th Feb 2013

The Hayling Seaside Railway, and its volunteer supporters, the East Hayling Light Railway Society, have been in discussion with Local Residents, Councillors and Community Groups for several months now. We have written to and e-mailed relevant parties on numerous occasions and hand delivered letters directly to our immediate neighbours. Keeping the Island's newspapers and virtual media informed by a series of Press Releases. So far the majority of those who have shown us the courtesy of a direct reply, have been for the most part both understanding and supportive.

We are therefore saddened that a local Community Group and we understand a single local Councillor, are now advocating an alternative site at Eastoke Corner, after having declined numerous requests from the Railway for direct dialogue. Their decision follows lengthy discussions with Council Planners and such Councillors and Community groups that had replied to us, which led us to believe that the Bound Lane/Coastguard site was on balance the most favoured option.

The Hayling Seaside Railway remains open minded as to alternative viable solutions, which we are happy to discuss. We are confident that our new sympathetically designed Depot, thoroughly researched and with all relevant environmental studies undertaken, will be a good neighbour and asset to the Island in whoever's ‘backyard’ it is eventually located. We therefore look forward to continuing to work constructively with our neighbours and their representatives, to bring this difficult issue to an amicable conclusion.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Rose, Chairman, East Hayling Light Railway Society.

Bob Haddock, Proprietor, Hayling Seaside Railway.

By forum user, Hayling Seaside Railway

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