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HIRA Propose Eastoke Corner for Seaside Railway Relocation.

- Sat 2nd Mar 2013

The Hayling Island Residents Association have formally entered into the ongoing debate, regarding plans to relocate depot of the Hayling Seaside Railway’s main depot. In their monthly report published in the March edition of the ‘Hayling Islander’, their Committee’s Acting Chairman Tony Higham writes.“Having talked to various people and discussed the matter in the HIRA Committee we find that obtrusiveness of the building at the Bound Lane location would be detrimental to the area, which is essentially residential. The location at Eastoke Corner, being largely commercial is felt to be far better”.

The Seaside Railway’s Proprietor Bob Haddock and volunteer Chairman Andrew Rose, have expressed disappointment at the decision, made after repeated requests by the Railway for direct discussions with HIRA. “We are saddened that a local Community Group and we also understand a single local Councillor are, after lengthy discussions with Council Officers, Councillors and the Community, now advocating another site. The Hayling Seaside Railway remains open minded as to alternative viable solutions which we are happy to discuss”.

By forum user, Bruce_Bennett

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