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Destination Hayling Island gets through to next stage

- Sat 15th Apr 2006

13 April 2006

Destination Hayling Island is one step closer to realisation as the bid makes it through to the next stage of the Living Landmarks Programme.

"This is wonderful news, " said Peter Chilvers, Inventor of windsurfing and ambassador for Destination Hayling Island.  "I know we have some tough competition and a few more stages to go through, but this bid is unique and if we are successful the benefits to the Borough of Havant and the community of Hayling Island will be enormous. Not to mention that the windsurfing community will be watching progress very closely, we want to start a windsurfing academy that builds on the history of its roots on the Island and promote and give access to this sport for local residents. This would also create opportunities for local entrepreneurs and existing businesses."
The bid proposes to refurbish the whole of the seafront. It will connect land to sea by the creation of a continuous promenade giving greater access for all. A landmark destination building would include windsurfing facilities, restaurants and tourist facilities. The bid also proposes a cultural market place and the extension to Hayling Light Railway and aspires to link existing landmarks such as the Ferry port, golf course, West Beachlands, Beachlands, Eastoke Corner, Sandy Point and the sailing club.  The landmark building would be a modern interpretation of a pier, which would feature a flexible performance space, visitor services and facilities for windsurfing and other active water sports.

Getting through to the next stage means that the Living Landmarks programme will now carry out a detailed project review visit to the Borough on 24 and 25 April, where they have specified a limited number of representatives and organisations they expect to meet. This will enable the team who visits to gain more knowledge about Destination Hayling Island and allow Havant Borough Council and partners to share further information and market the bid and all its benefits. Following the visit by Living Landmarks and further detailed assessment of our application they will decide in August 2006 if we will be invited to develop a stage two application for submission in May 2007. If we are invited to do this we will be given a grant to help with the development of the stage two application. 

"The people of Hayling Island feel strongly that the Island should be celebrated as the birthplace of windsurfing, and so does Havant Borough Council. This is something we want to share with the rest of Britain and worldwide. The bid has already received overwhelming positive support from members of the community. At this stage the bid is still in development and its success needs continuing public support to help it on its way to Stage two of the process." Said Dawn Baxendale, Corporate Director Community Group at Havant Borough Council.

The Living Landmarks programme is funded from the Big Lottery Fund. The value of this bid is 39m, of which 24.5m will be from the Big Lottery Fund, with the remaining funding coming from a variety of other sources including private development.  The Council's Coastal defence team will be heavily involved as would English Nature to ensure the safeguarding of the nature conservation area that is designated as a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

A Stakeholder Group is being set up to support the bid. This will include residents and members of our business community.

Timetable for Living landmarks Programme
April to June 2006 - For long listed applicants, the programme will undertake project review and finalise their assessment. HBC visit 24 & 25 April.
July 2006 - Recommendations are made to the programme committee who will decide to either award a development grant or reject an application
August 2006 - Applicants will be contacted to confirm if they have been successful and awarded a development grant or rejected
August 2006 to May 2007 - Successful applicants develop their projects and prepare their stage two application
30 May 2007 - Closing date for the submission of stage two applications
June to August 2007 - Stage two applications are assessed and a project review visit is undertaken in June/July2007
September 2007 - Recommendations are made to the programme Committee. For applications under the Living Landmarks stream the committee will decide either to award a grant or reject an application.

" Peter Chilvers, invented windsurfing off Hayling Island in 1958.
" To register support for Destination Hayling Island please visit, or write to Claire Hughes or Paul Ramshaw, Project Leaders, Destination Hayling Island, Havant Borough Council, Civic Offices, Havant, PO9 2AX
" Hundreds of applications were submitted and 76 have been longlisted.
" Big Lottery Fund Press office 020 7211 1888
" HBC Press contact Jo Humphreys, Communications Manager 023 9244 6491.

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