30 mph Silliness – Will HCC change their minds?

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It seems most of us are still largely ignoring the new 30mph limit imposed on us by HCC. Well that is my observation anyway. Does anyone know if there is still a chance that HCC will mind their own business and give up the idea? I did read that there have actually been more incidents since the new limit was imposed than there were before!


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How many of us actually obey speed limits wherever they occur?

I do!


I noticed the other day that Daw Lane has a 40mph speed limit. I would say that road is safe at 20mph. Possibly!


30 MPH

Eighty years ago, was the introduction of this speed limit.


Today is the anniversary of the 30 MPH speed limit introduction.

30 MPH


For a long time Daw lane had no signs up saying it was a 40 at the entrance Havant Road, thus there was nothing to say you were entering a 30 on to the Havant Road, took them almost 3-4 weeks to sort that mess out, in reality it meant the 30 along Havant Road wasnt enforcable LOL


I got my Hayling Islander today and front page headline news is that, not only is the 30mph limit staying on Havant Road but also it will be introduced round Northney. Great idea!

Now, if they would also cut the West Lane speed limit to 30mph and put in traffic calming measures we might be getting somewhere.

Better yet, completely close West Lane to motor vehicles between Daw Lane and the first houses going southbound.




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