East Winner Sandbar

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At low tide, how long can you stay out on the East Winner sandbar before the tide starts coming back in?

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    I would not risk more than an hour at spring tide and less than that as the tides move away from springs. Understand that spring tides do not occur in the spring but about twice per month details can be found here: http://www.ukho.gov.uk/easytide/EasyTide/SelectPort.aspx

    A lot of people do not know about the following dangers:

    1. The tide will often begin to cover the channel near Gunner Point while the main part of the  sandbar is still dry and the current can get up to an unmanageable speed as it does so.
    2. Quicksands can sometimes form in the areas nearer the beach. A few years ago I rescued a woman who had got stuck in one of these areas, even so she had to abandon her wellies and crawl until she got to a more solid area.
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    Surely, Gunner Point is at the Western side of the island?

    Near to The Wolsinner Bank or more commonly the West Winner Bank.
    The East Winner is on the Eastern side of the island, near to Sandy Point at the entrance to Chichester Harbour.

    The safety advice re: tides and currents still stands, and should be observed!
    The sea is a cruel mistress.

    I too have rescued folk from the sea, the last was an exhausted female board sailor,
    who had capsised, and being unable right herself was being swept mercilessly by the fast currents at Langstone Harbour entrance.
    SwMbO stopped me performing CPR and KoL on the victim!

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    Wrong again HP, the sandbar on the western end of HI is called the Pole Sands. The West Winner is the sand bank which sticks out from the Fort Cumberland area of Portsea Island. Thus the East Winner is the one that starts at Gunner Point. Get an Admiralty Chart of the area and all will be made plain.

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