EU ? leave , dont leave, and would it affect Hayling ?


With so much currently going on in the news with the whole EU in/out side of things which way should us Islanders be looking ?

Personally I feel we should be in, yes we pay a lot to be in but then we equally get a fair amount back out in subsidies, not as much as we put in mind but then our economy is better than some of our counter parts. Some say the money we give to the EU would be better spent here UK, cant argue that one, however if you added up the subsidies and then took in to the fact the possible trade loss (I say possible) would we actually be better off ?
Re-immigration, while many appear to think they come over here and just take the hand outs, I dont think thats strictly true, yes there will always be  some that do that, but hang on we’ve got plenty of our own doing that too, the thing who would do all the lower paid and maybe not so choice jobs here in the UK if we didnt have immigration, seems to me the brits wouldnt do them as they want to be on X-factor and the likes.

So which way do we go, and at the end of the day is it likely to affect the Island in any measurable way ??





CAMERON: “The EU agreement is legally binding”

GOVE: “Oh no it isn’t”

CAMERON “Oh yes it is”

This is starting to sound like a Christmas Pantomime!


I hear some of the pro-EU speakers saying that by leaving, the UK will be “going into the great unknown”. What? The “great unknown” that existed for 2000 years (or more) before the EU was even thought about?


If the EU was just a free trade area then it would be worth staying. But a European superstate governed by unelected bureaucrats who would see the ‘European Dream’ implode before admitting that it’s just an expensive hobby, is just not that.

We may do just under 50% (and reducing) of our trade with them, but perhaps that’s just because it’s easy; because they’re close. The rest of the world wants to trade globally and so should we, without being choked by the regulation that being in the EU brings.

The EU is still in recession 7 years after the financial crises supported only by the Northern members huge financial commitment and the ECB’s current €1.2Trillion (and rising) quantitative easing program. Remind me once again when borrowing beyond your means ever worked out well?

I do not doubt that being part of the EEC once brought us some benefits, but I believe with a little extra hard graft, the SME’s who do a fair proportion of their business with our European neighbours could find equally suitable customers elsewhere in the world, and a lot more of them.

If we’re in, we should go all in and join the Euro, but we don’t want that. What we want is to be able to pick and choose what bits we like and what bits we don’t. Do you really think that the EU parliament will allow us to forge ahead with Treaty change just to suit us?

The EU deal that Cameron has negotiated is simply a deal to put change before them which will simply be swept under the carpet at the first opportunity as the agreement has been made based on our continued contribution to the EU coffers and why would the poorer states want that to change?

The simple question posed by David Cameron to his fellow leaders would have been “if you vote yes to my terms today, I guarantee you Britain will stay a member of the EU, as we will make this seem like a victory”

EU Treaties are binding on member states. Do you think that the EU Parliament will allow Britain to become a ‘special case’ and therefore require a complete rewriting of EU doctrine?

Britain is the 7th wealthiest nation on Earth and by spending our taxes on uk infrastructure rather than financing the EU’s ever expanding debt and freeing ourselves from the shackles of their over burdensome regulations there’s no reason why we can’t move up the list.

The EU needs us a lot more than we need them and when it comes to the vote, I’m out…


It’s already affecting Hayling (well, my little corner of).

Uncertainty over our future in Europe is causing the £ to fall sharply against the $.  This is impacting how we do business with clients who work in US $ (ie, most of our world!).  One has pulled out due to the impact of exchange rates already.

My US pension is paid in dollars (naturally) so a falling pound is good news for me. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.


Of course, one of the more spurious arguments one hears concerns the amount of money we pay every year, much of which comes back in subsidies,etc. Even that which does not come back has to be spent in this country anyway because we pay in Pounds as we do not use the Euro. Yes some will argue that our Pounds have to be exchanged into Euros but even those Pounds which are so exchanged will in the end have to be spent in the UK.


Unless I am persuaded otherwise in the next four months, I will be voting to leave the EU. I am very interested to see what view Boris Johnson supports in the next day or so. He is likely to bring votes to which ever side he joins.

The original question also asked how it will affect Hayling.

i think it is a great shame that the referendum in June, is bound to to take the focus away from the local elections and PCC election on the 5th of May. Both of these make a difference to the day to day lives of Hayling Residents.

Well done Leah.

Why oh why can’t we vote now, please?
If people haven’t made a decision on the eu by now, should they be allowed to vote?
Four months of political spin and Camorons Porkies! ?
It’s going to be a long four months!

Must admit I’m with you HP, why we cannot just get on with it beats me, well unless the “leave now” brigade are worried that actually it might be proved that leaving isnt the best thing 😉 also if we do end up leaving and it turns out to be the worst thing ever can we deport all those that vote to leave 🙂

Oh, please deport me! Can’t afford to deport myself.


Whether one is thinking OUT or IN, I cannot believe somebody thought it would be a good move to introduce George Galloway as a ‘star player’ on their side. The opposition must have been rolling on their backs with laughter.

Doubt they’re laughing now we’ve got Boris.


I was very much on the fence until Prime Minister Cameron started his negotiations but now I have come down firmly on the side of OUT. I think the EU is holding Britain back.

By the way, I voted out in the 1975 referendum.

If Cameron is serious about leaving government at the end of this term then he may be looking to secure a nice little number in the EU afterwards which will probably pay more than he gets now. Can’t see him making as much as Blair as a celebrity because he has not been as controversial.


On the Meridian News in the past few months, there have been reports on two children in the region.

The first is a little boy of about 9. He loves playing football but his limbs are getting stiffer and stiffer, and he will end up in a wheelchair and then he will die. He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. There is a drug that would slow down the disease, so he could play football and walk for longer, and stay alive for longer. Once he is in a wheelchair the drug would be useless.

He has been denied this drug. It is too expensive.

The second child is a girl. She needs a kidney transplant and her father is willing to donate one of his. However – in order for this transplant to take place, she also needs a drug.

She has been denied this drug because it is too expensive.

Someone please tell me how this can be so, when we are giving 55m a day to the EU and 19bn in foreign aid?

This alone makes me want to come out of the EU. There are many more reasons but, to me, these two reasons are enough.


But can you be sure that leaving the EU will allow these expensive drugs to used. What is going to happen to all the subsidies say the farmers who currently recieve back from the EU ?


Folk forget or don’t know about the many benefits of being in the EU. They particularly forget that some of the rules and regulations were actually introduced by Brits in the first place. Just imagine what the USA would be like if all of the separate states had said that they were not prepared to work together as they now mostly do and it was Brits who pretty well started it all in the first place. If they had not decided to all work together in the first place we might well have been “run over” by either Hitler, Stalin or the Japanese by now. Petty squabbling over relatively unimportant matters demonstrates xenophobia and little Englander mentalities in my view.




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