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We have just purchased a small bungalow on the island, and would like to reconfigure the inside and convert the loft. So looking for a reasonably priced, reliable architect to draw up plans, can anyone recommend?

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    You don’t need an architect, any experienced builder should be able to do such a job without spending money on an architect.

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    For a proper loft conversion you will need to engage with building control, there will probably be structural calculations required – I would suspect you will struggle without any technical drawings.


    An architectural technician is what you would require, not an architect.  Pete Walker does a lot of work on the island – we used him and he is good.  Or there is a firm in Portsmouth (Thorns Young) who I have used recently and have been impressed with – they a fast, reasonably priced, and they do all of their structural calculations in house which speeds up the process.

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