Site updates, week ending March 18th

Whilst things are changing rapidly on the site I thought I’d post details of what updates were going on.  Here are the key points from this week for anyone with a nerdy bent who wants to follow:

Increased spam defences

Automated spammers loved the new site and were registering in their thousands (over 10,000 since the relaunch). This was flooding the activity page, slowing the site down and being annoying.  We’ve put some measures in place to slow them down and give us enough breathing room to tackle other issues.   We also manually removed over 2,000 spam registrations, but have more to do.   Spam registrations are now at a trickle rather than a torrent. More work to do on this front.

Moved the site to another server (again)

The server we moved to last week had considerably improved performance, but was throwing up some obstacles with regards to maintenance.  We’ve now moved the site again to another server which appears to have resolved the issue (different php handler if anyone is interested).  This has brought further performance gains but more crucially is making it easier to update the site.

Change of format in events

The change of server threw up some issues with the events listing format. This uses a third party plugin that was not too happy with the change in server set-up.  We’ve switched the format around to fix those problems.