• Wrong again HP, the sandbar on the western end of HI is called the Pole Sands. The West Winner is the sand bank which sticks out from the Fort Cumberland area of Portsea Island. Thus the East Winner is the one […]

  • I would not risk more than an hour at spring tide and less than that as the tides move away from springs. Understand that spring tides do not occur in the spring but about twice per month details can be found […]

  • You don’t need an architect, any experienced builder should be able to do such a job without spending money on an architect.

  • Er, no.

  • I have just heard from another source that EE are doing some improvements to their Hayling transmitter next week. I will be interesting to see just how good these are as we sometimes have to run upstairs and get […]

  • If you do remember never to put them down the WC because if you do, sooner or later they will block your drains and cost you at least £200 to get them cleared out as well as the horrible inconvenience. They do […]

  • OK now it seems that EE/Orange have a their transmitter on a 50ft mast at Stoke fruit farm and Vodaphone/O2 have their’s roughly at the back of Pullingers at about the same height. Neither of these are […]

  • Yes, it’s because we do not have a decent mast on the island. I believe that a few years ago an attempt was made to get one erected but due to a number of nimbys kicking up, it never happened. It seems some nimbys […]

  • when every so often Southern Water releases all kinds of muck from it’s Portsmouth works, some of which ends up on the beach near the Inn on the Beach (I have seen it!).

  • I just read yet another report of two bicycles being stolen from a garage which was not locked. We have several bicycles in our garage including one rather expensive job. Guess what, every evening I make sure that […]

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