• No, No, No, No, Yes, No

  • Depends how good it is, as a long time vaper I dont have any need to go to Havant/Portsmouth for supplies as I have a good repertoire of online vendors I use. I assume you are aware of the impending TPD directive.

  • Personally I think you’ve answered your own question “it is all being calculated on the house frontage” with “It has one frontage”

    If as you say its being done on frontage then wheres the argument ? as Eccs says […]

  • Running a lot faster this evening 🙂

  • Mats aware of the speed problem, some rogue code problem apparently, he has said a new server is ready to go, hopefully it will speed things up, I managed to do some online shopping while posting this LOL

  • Just checking some of our “new” members and a fair few seem to have “visit my website @ http://www.blah blah ” in their profiles so me thinks the spammers have found us already

  • Furbag wrote a new item 2 years ago

    So I see the they have finished the Roundabout “adjustment” up by Church Road and Havent Road, why ?

    Where was the reasoning behind spending more of our tax money on something which appears to be somewhat […]

  • Cant say we were impressed with WW when a family member used them over a year ago, seemed very slow, had to be continually on their case to get stuff done 🙁

  • With so much currently going on in the news with the whole EU in/out side of things which way should us Islanders be looking ?

    Personally I feel we should be in, yes we pay a lot to be in but then we equally […]

  • Can we cash them in for say two for one meal deals at local establishments or free beer tokens ?

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