• Surely, Gunner Point is at the Western side of the island?

    Near to The Wolsinner Bank or more commonly the West Winner Bank.
    The East Winner is on the Eastern side of the island, near to Sandy Point at the […]

  • “how do we search for a beach hut?”

    Take a look down the beach,
    there’s hundreds there!

  • In the absence of any one else stepping up to the Oche!

    I would guess the earliest the 999 day will next appear on Hayling Island,
    would be in 2017.

    I hope you are recovered or are recovered soon.

  • Will all the remainiacs form an orderly queue, and leave?

  • Very good advice Eccles, also cotton buds can be a damn nuisance if flushed down the toilet, they can cause all sorts of problems, and many end up on Haylings beaches when Portsmouth Water pump untreated sewage […]

  • Anyone know what is happening, or not happening, with the Railway Shed at Eaststoke Common,
    all works appear to have halted, and its looking a bit of an eyesore for our summer visitors!

    Many stories going […]

  • All the mobile carriers have failings and/or issues in certain parts of the island.
    Eastern end of the island particularly bad for O2, (call for an ambulance and you often connect to West Sussex, and wait a long […]

  • Maybe, the analysts who take the water samples, ‘know’ where & when to get samples?
    nudge nudge wink wink, say no more guv’nor!

  • Good idea!

    Limit the blankets to 30 mph, (Magic Carpets exempted)

    but leave the car and drivers alone.

  • Between May 1st and September 30th dogs must be kept on a lead on any part of the beach or promenade. Dogs are not allowed on the areas of beach shown in red below between these dates.


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