• Hayling Island’s Beachlands beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for the 25th year in a row.  The Blue Flag is an international award presented to well managed beaches with excellent water quality, safety, a […]

  • East Hayling residents have been asking questions about a mystery jet flying low over the island yesterday.

    Thanks to local photographer Mike Owens (  the mystery had be solved – […]

  • Whilst things are changing rapidly on the site I thought I’d post details of what updates were going on.  Here are the key points from this week for anyone with a nerdy bent who wants to follow:
    Increased spam […]

  • A couple of people have commented that the HCC survey doesn’t work in a lot of common browser set-ups.   The link is fine, but we can’t help what is at the other end of it.

    Firefox users in particular seem to be […]

  • Concern is growing amongst Hayling Island residents that “the tip” (Hayling’s Household Waste Recycling Centre) could be heading for closure.   The possibility has been raised from within our Councils and a new […]

  • Hi PertyOwl – yes. The plan is to bring it back.  Much of the functionality is in place already (Have you see the historic section under Life > Historic Hayling ?).

    Not sure of timescales yet.

  • Further update re the forum archive.

    The new server, that we switched to in order to improve performance , is having none of it.  The old forum software is too old, creaky and insecure to even run the […]

  • We’ve always had a large number of spam registrations. The systems we have + the dilligent moderators stopped them posting (or removed their posts and banned them before most people saw them).

    They are more […]

  • As some will know, I lived on the house on that corner until a couple of years ago. I think that the change is overdue.

    That roundabout is FAST. People take it too quickly and idiots misjudging it and ending up […]

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