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    Not a Hayling Firm, but I’d recommend Warner Goodman in a heartbeat.

    I’ve been involved in conveyancing three times.  Used them twice and they were excellent.  The other party used them the other time and put m […]

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    It’s already affecting Hayling (well, my little corner of).

    Uncertainty over our future in Europe is causing the £ to fall sharply against the $.  This is impacting how we do business with clients who work in U […]

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    I should do an official answer on this one.

    The Hayling Site is on Facebook – we have a page at (If you are on Facebook you should check it out and ‘Like’ it!).

    Ours is a […]

  • Sound like this is something we should definitely include on the page.  Does anyone have full details?

  • Welcome to the all-new Hayling Site.

    We’ve been quietly working away on the site for the last few weeks with the aim of bring the site up to date and putting the focus back on supporting the Island.   W […]

  • You don’t need to create a new login (unless you really want to).

    We reset all the passwords when we created the new site in order to bring everything up to modern security standards.  This is a good thing, but […]

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  • The site is now mobile phone friendly, which means we can’t use hover menus any more (touch screen phones don’t know when we’re hovering).  The top level menus have to be clicked on to expand them, then you can […]

  • Quick update to the above.  The archive version has a problem as a result of the site move.  It is currently offline, but we are working on this.

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