Has anybody else recieved an Email from ‘Lauren’ asking for you to contact her ???


Hi all, beware, if you’ve received an email from somebody asking you to contact them via Yahoo, DON’T, its a scam….

below is a copy of the Emails/messages I’ve received, on 4 occasions :-

Lauren sent you a new message: “My Dear, How are you doing today”

“My Dear, How are you doing today my name is ( Lauren am a lady ) i,hope every thing is fine,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it my dear try to contact me now direct to my e-mail address,( <a href="mailto:Lauren93@yahoo .com”>Lauren93@yahoo .com) i have a very important message for you try to contact me( <a href="mailto:Lauren93@yahoo .com”>Lauren93@yahoo .com )i will give you a full introduction of my self with my pictures ok. i will be waiting for your mail to my e-mail adsdress(<a href="mailto:Lauren93@yahoo .com”>Lauren93@yahoo .com)”

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