What do you think of the new site so far?


The latest version of The Hayling Site is pretty different to the last one. What do you like, what don’t you like?

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Mats aware of the speed problem, some rogue code problem apparently, he has said a new server is ready to go, hopefully it will speed things up, I managed to do some online shopping while posting this LOL


So so slow!
Whether on PC, Laptop, tablet or phone, you have time to make a cup of coffee and cut the grass while waiting for a page to open.


I really don’t like it.  Touted as a “relaunch” its really nothing at all like it’s predecessor, in that it is lifeless and sluggish.  The “questions” section is difficult to use and the headings bizarre.  “Local questions for local people”?  What does that even mean.  (Did Alan Mak write it?)  As for “Mainland questions”.??

I understand there is a requirement for “no trouble” but the answer could have been better management of “trouble” and perhaps some real time consultation with active forum members.  Instead it seems to have been to squeeze the juice out of the forum and serve up the dry remains.

I remain upset that just before Christmas and without notice, the plug was pulled with no concern for the impact – in my case fairly minor – though I did regret not being able to greet forum friends who I don’t know face to face – and with the promise that it would be back.

The answer seems to be “well we own it we can do what we want with it”, which is true.

Sad though, that we no longer have a community forum.

I’m sorry that you don’t like how the new site is shaping up. We knew many wouldn’t. However we were left with two viable plans: radical change or retire the whole site.

On a technical level the site either needed some serious investment or to be taken offline due to growing security (not to mention usability) issues. The project isn’t commercially viable so that investment would come from my pocket and my ‘spare’ time.

The forum was never planned to be a major part of the site, just a fun add on, but it took over. For a while that was great, then for a longer while it wasn’t.

The forum became a distraction from the point of the site. It also took up all the time, added a lot of stress and had limited, sometimes questionable benefit to the island.

On a personal level I was also sick of it. Constant legal threats over what was posted. Angry people turning up or calling to interrupt paying work. Abuse in the street – even in front of my kids. Being hounded on facebook and even phoned at home. All over posts that I usually hadn’t even seen.

So, yes more work could have brought that back under control and held the line. I did work for a long time and I didn’t want to do it any longer.

It came to a head before Christmas. I was trying to meet my work obligations so that I could go home for Christmas with the family. Of course, the forum kicked off. Emails came flooding in, the phone started ringing and attention was diverted from important work back to playground duty. I tried to manage it for a while but then made the call to put my family and business before the forum and turned it off.

Best Christmas ever.

Time for something. New. We’re not there yet, but I’d rather put time and money into building something of value than on constant playground duty.

It won’t be for everyone, which is a shame, but the old forum wasn’t either. The majority of people using the site were not using the forum, but the nature of a forum masks that.
There is more collaboration and community coming once the basics are working better and we see what is working and what isn’t. However it will be more of a platform for those who want to make a positive contribution. Those who just want to moan, argue and troll can do it elsewhere.

So stick around if you want, we’ll wave a fond farewell to those who don’t. The hope is to build something more for the sort of people who will pick up a piece of litter than point it out and complain about it.


The forums just improved because the turtles back:)


I’m on a small-ish screen and the logo and banner take up quite a bit of space. My biggest issue is the speed. It is VERY slow to load. Apart from that, I quite like it this far!

Thanks Beta. I’m looking at the speed issue. No quick solution there, but it will improve.

Re the top banner: We’re doing an experiment where we run 1 big ad a maximum of once every 10 minutes per user, then use smaller ones. I’m keen to see if this balances out for the fact that we have removed a lot of ad spaces on this version of the site.

Is the header size an issue all the time or just when the big version fires?


I would have preferred a continuation of the ‘old’ forum.


Whilst I acknowledge the site owners aren’t under any obligation to continue with it, I can’t help thinking it would have been a good idea to have at least offered to let other people take it over so it could have carried on, rather than close it with no notice. I’ve seen this happen and work out quite well on other internet forums.


I find a bit slow in opening and bringing up pages like ‘Questions’. Only a few seconds mind but noticeable. A spellchecker would be nice too.


I am glad to see that the site now says “Welcome” rather than “Howdy” in the top right corner.

I left America for a reason.


Site seems to be very slow, especially on Questions.

Yes, the main ‘Questions’ page is running way to slowly. This part uses a third party module and I have let the authors know.
I’m going to move the site to a more powerful server shortly. This also has more up to date libraries so it should make a difference (couldn’t do it before – the old version of the site was incompatible)

Today feels like wading through treacle Mat, everything is taking an age to load it seems ??

I’ve got the new server set-up. Not sure If I am brave enough to hit start the transfer today, especially as I won’t get a chance to start it until after 6pm. Could wreck a weekend if it doesn’t go well.

I have found the culprit code, but the problems it is causing seem unique to us.

Never good to tinker with things just before the weekend, well unless you dont want a weekend that is LOL


I’m interested in the two other hayling forums Mat _  can you provide a link ?




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