What do you think of the new site so far?

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The latest version of The Hayling Site is pretty different to the last one. What do you like, what don’t you like?

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Nigh on impossible to follow a conversation thread.

12-character passwords are a pain in the butt.

I really do not like the new forum at all, sorry.


There is no forum. Questions is not designed as a conversation platform, but as a way for people to find useful answers to questions.
I’ll checkout the password requirements though. I use a password manager so I’m not experiencing this myself.


Just logged on to the new site since the re-launch and, as has been said, it will take a bit of time to get used to. It certainly looks much fresher and hopefully we wont see all the back-biting and bitterness that was becoming apparent in the old Forum. Thank you for your efforts to produce the new site.


Running a lot faster this evening ๐Ÿ™‚


glad that it has had a noticeable effect. Had a bit of a late one last night trying to speed things up. Lots more to do, but it’s a good start.

Dont seem to be able to make new questions now or answer questions ? is it just me or everyone ?

Checking this out now. Having lots of permission based problems since applying an upgrade yesterday . Probably related – sorry!!

Nope, allows me to start the question, then appears to “look” for questions and says “no related questions” and stops and wont let me fill in the rest. Just trying to get the Tip survey link up for this http://www3.hants.gov.uk/hwrc2016 as its pretty important for Hayling.

working on my test accounts – odd.
tip link survey is going up as news tomorrow. I ran out of time today.


no chats or spats – not much fun really


The spats aren’t much fun if you are the one having to deal with the fallout. The record was three threats of court action in one month.

….and another thing ‘Howdy’? I don’t know anyone who uses that greeting. Much prefer an English Hallo

yes – that needs to go !


With each post taking up so much space, I am having problems.

The current question ‘What do you think of this site so far’ has 12 answers. The posts arent numbered or timecoded so when so many are ‘1 day ago’ it is hard to scroll and see how far you have scrolled and whether they are newest first or oldest first. I have clicked on oldest first on each visit here but it resets to newest first.

Maybe my confusion isnt helped by me being colourblind but when glancing all print appears the same colour to me. If you were to ask me which ofย billyrunner answered 18 mins ago

is in black or grey is it and which is blue? I can tell when it is as large as it has become in this post but not where I copied it from. This isnt good as the colours I have problems most with is red and green!!


Hmm.. I’m not getting much of a “forum” feel….it’s a bit tricky to communicate with others.. although I can see old forumites are here there is no way to just chat..or highlight local issues unless framed as a question..

Can’t we say anymore ” accident on West Lane” or fabulous pizzas at Hayling Hardware car park”.. if not, truly, despite having loved the forum,I will be off. I loved trying ( despite failing) to save Stoke Common, and helping to rescue a lost dog in the dark. I don’t just want to be an advertisement for a web company.


The comment about this being ad advertisement for a “web company” is massively unfair. Where is the advert??? The company name is mentioned in the about box in the footer, but it doesn’t even say what we do. If this were an advert it would be the most expensive, time-consuming and in-effective one ever (even ignoring that Hayling Island isn’t home to any of our target businesses!)

It’s not a public forum though. If that is what people want then there are facebook groups and I think that at least two other people have already created other Hayling Forums. I’ve explained our reasons elsewhere, but that isn’t something we can run now.

The “accident on West Lane” and “Great pizzas” points are good ones. We have features planned that tackle both of those, but not quite yet.

Something “more chatty” is coming, but will be for those who want to get a little more involved in the site. That won’t be everyone I am sure, but the alternative isn’t something that I/We are happy to continue putting the time money into. We’d rather invest it in something that supports more of the Island, which is what we’re trying to do.


I’m finding it a bit confusing. I’m looking for a ‘How it works’ page but can’t find one.


Good point. I’ll have a crack at that page one evening this week.


Getting use to it now, I hope for a happy forum. One thing I would ask is , is there a way of seeing new post and those that have already been read?


The idea of the Questions section isn’t to replace the Forum. It’s to replace a specific part of it (ie when people want help).
We do need to look at making it easier to see what is new though. We didn’t have many responses during testing so this wasn’t that clear


Has a much more modern feel to it and I’m looking forward to it not descending into anarchic chaos! ( There’s plenty of Facebook pages for that!! ?)


I have trouble with modern. In the old days we called it “reinventing the wheel”.



It’s very different! I will have a roam about. Lets hope the old feel of the old forum comes back. let us all be friends on here and have fun ๐Ÿ™‚




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