Why is there nothing to do on Hayling?


There is nothing to do on Hayling. WHY?????


Here are some more things to do on Hayling:

1.Pick up beer cans discarded by the Hoy Polloi and put them in litter bins.

2. Do the same with dog’s mess left in strewn about in plastic bags by thicko dog owners.

3. Replace burned out headlamp bulbs for a couple of quid in your car.

4. Trim back hedges which are overgrowing footpaths.

5. Donate £20 to the RNLI, you may need them one day.

6. Ditto, Salvation Army.

7. Help clean the beaches of litter left there by the ignorant masses.

I could go on but that will do for the moment.


What is it you would like to do and have you checked it isn’t already happening?


It’s because lots of places which provided things to do have been knocked down to make way for housing. So now there are more people here, with less to do.


Growing up on Hayling Island, we made our own activities, we didn’t wait to be told what to do, we used our imagination.
No phones, tablets or PC’s.
We were lucky


I think that that’s probably got more to do with our generation than the location, though, HP. Perhaps because we had so much less provided for us, we were happier with whatever we did for ourselves.


Anyone who thinks there is “nothing to do on Hayling Island” must have a very poor imagination. The previous answers pretty much sum it up.


I would add fishing, walking, cycling (seems to be quite popular for cyclists at weekends). Also bird watching, horse riding, and the funfair. Of course you might just want to do clubbing I suppose if you can afford it, in which case you will have to go to Pompey which is not too far.


Well, depending on age etc.

Fair and arcades, HI wall to climb, HIADS and Hayling Musical Society. All sorts of watersports, pubs, the beach, loads of classes at the Community Centre. Depends what your interests are, really.




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