Why the new road layout at the Church Road roundabout


So I see the they have finished the Roundabout “adjustment” up by Church Road and Havent Road, why ?

Where was the reasoning behind spending more of our tax money on something which appears to be somewhat pointless, well unless we are going to be fed a load of poorly put together accident data regarding the 100’s of accidents that have happened there in the past, cant say I’ve seen or heard of any.

Or are they just trying to use up their budgets before the end of the year mmmmmmmm shame we cant have any say in the “using up” of budgets as I’m sure we all could suggest far better uses of “spare” budget money.


Well HID agrees with Mat and having thought it over a little more, I believe  that I do now too. Mind you the hedge needs cutting back some more and I suspect that it has encroached onto the path to some extent. Certainly when I have walked around there once or twice, there have been brambles to be dodged.

I have now had a reply from Frank Pearce and it seems that the school originally asked for it which is understandable. Mind you it was a bit expensive in my opinion at £40k – I can think of at least one local operator who would have done it for a lot less.

Sadly 40k doesnt surprise me at all, you dont get much per k when you are doing anything on the highway.

I don’t miss doing that hedge.


As some will know, I lived on the house on that corner until a couple of years ago. I think that the change is overdue.

That roundabout is FAST. People take it too quickly and idiots misjudging it and ending up on the roundabout was pretty regular. The corner being trickier is probably deliberate. It’s now more like a roundabout with an exit than a fast bend.

As a crossing point it was lethal. The corner is blind, which when combined with the speed made it really dangerous. I remember feeling physically sick one morning when I saw a car very narrowly miss a junior school child who was near the curb having just crossed. I don’t think the driver ever even noticed. I saw similar a few times.

Few children take that route on foot or bike really and that dangerous crossing point puts others off.

Yes, it’s a bit annoying to have to turn the wheel a bit more. That is apparently designated as a school route though and I believe that the changes have come about from a number of reported incidents.


What has changed? I don’t see the problem. Is someone just moaning for the sake of it?

Yep I’m having a moan 🙂 as I dont see there was any need for it to have happened in the first place, I wonder what it cost and where else the money might have been better spent ?


It’s narrowed to make crossing easier… I do struggle to understand why it’s more difficult to turn in?



Yep, end of the financial year, they have to spend down their budgets, so that means its Kerbstone time, again.


Last suggestion is probably the right one Fur and yes a total waste of taxpayers money. I now find it more difficult to make the turn into Church Road in which case so will others and I predict that sooner or later there will be some sort of crash there. Where do these people who are supposed to be working for us get these batty ideas from? I mean it is not as though there is frequent foot fall on that pavement in my experience and I live only a few yards away. Infuriating isn’t it? I have now written to Frank Pearce asking for an explanation.


Why didn’t Mat tear the hedge out and put a fence there? One of my neighbours has a high hedge instead of a fence and has spent hundreds of hours and loads of ‘leccy over the years maintaining it whereas a decent fence is usually good for twenty years. No brainer in my view.


Looked into it. Cost/hassle didn’t stack up for me with the amount of time we intended to stay there. Just bought a bigger hedge-trimmer instead!


It was a dangerous fast corner often taken at speeds in excess of 30mph without indicating around a pavement bend that was barely wide enough for two people to pass, and next to a primary school with children who do not always look before crossing.

Would it have been better to wait until a child was killed before taking preventative action?

The population is increasing with more family homes, increasing the number of children. More children equals more accidents and besides, the council tax to be collected from the new houses is probably in excess of the cost of the works so why all the fuss…?

edited answer

It could be argued that before Hampshire Highways made that part of Havant Road, a four lane dual carriageway, widened the roadway, desecrating the village pound in the process, and changed the junction from a T junction to a roundabout, it was safer to negotiate.
I suppose that that is progress, widen roadways to increase traffic flow, then install traffic calming measures?


Well yes but then can you remember the traffic queues, when we came here for our hols in the early 80’s I’ve seen the queues right back into mengham and you were always better off going to the fair and up that way as you just couldnt get out from Church Road

Ah! It was you grokkles that were coming here in the 80’s invading Hayling that was the start of all the problems, if only we had kept “Checkpoint Charles” at the bridge, we would still be an ‘illegal’ free island. ?

Ah but if we hadnt invaded and bought the island into the 20th century, you natives would have never made it out of your railway carriages, we bought the cash to the island in those days 🙂

I came here to live in 1956. Am I still a trickle?

Maybe a nickel ?




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